Vast TV Service Gives You an Amazing Selection of HDTV Channels and New Streaming Movies with Vast On Demand.

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The Best in Standard and High-Definition TV.

Vast Broadband HDTV provides subscribers with a vast collection of cable TV channels in high-definition. Vast TV packages include popular channels like ESPN, Fox News, the Syfy channel, and the Food Network. Expand your channel selection with a Digital Preferred package and get even more channels like the Outdoor Network and BBC America. That's over 175 channels, many in high-definition, to watch your favorite news, sports, and TV shows in crystal-clear HD. Even better, alongside all the amazing content provided in the Vast TV channel lineup, you get to keep your local channels. Local news, sports, and network programming live right beside your amazing HDTV lineup, just a button's press away. Finally, you get access to over 40 music streaming channels as part of the bargain, meaning that you'll never lack quality viewing or listening again.

Vast Television
Local Basic
  • Basic cable + local channels
  • Ready to go – no equipment needed
  • Movies and TV in crystal-clear HD
  • No Contract
Vast Television
Expanded Basic
  • 60 Expanded Basic Channels like ESPN and CNN
  • Streaming music channels included
  • Vast TV Anywhere
  • No Contracts
Vast Television
Digital Preferred
  • Hundreds of SD and HDTV channels
  • Choose from premium channels like HBO and Showtime
  • Vast streaming movies On Demand
  • Keep your local channels

Vast Gateway DVR Service

Get the best of Vast Broadband's HDTV offerings with its HD Gateway DVR Service. With Vast's HD DVR, you can save and replay anything in Vast HDTV lineup. Enjoy your favorite high-definition programming when you want, where you want, on your own terms. You don't even have to be there: just set up the DVR for recording, and it will take care of the rest (even if you are watching other channels!)

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The Vast HD Gateway DVR

With Vast DVR, you are no longer chained to the schedule of live and network TV. With advanced recording, security, and replay features, Vast Gateway DVR gives you the technology to put your HDTV viewing back into your hands.

Record Multiple Shows

Vast Broadband Gateway DVR gives you the option of recording two shows at the same time. And with huge storage options, you can save hours of TV (even in HD!) for watching at you leisure. Watch what you want, when you want, without missing any other HDTV entertainment.

Home Protection

Use Vast DVR Gateway to set parental controls and content locks for content coming into your home. Keep your children from watching inappropriate content, or simply staying up all night watching TV.

Instant Replay

Pause and rewind your current program. Replay that last amazing play, or rewind that crucial scene and relive the drama, without skipping a beat.

Vast Broadband Premium Content Package.

With all that Vast Broadband HDTV has to offer, also consider that you can subscribe for additional access to quality premium content. Have a favorite TV show on HBO? Subscribe to premium channels like HBO, Showtime, or The Movie Channel and watch your favorite programming and movies there. Likewise, when you subscribe to these channels you also get access to channel-specific content through channel apps, where you can stream previous seasons of your favorite shows. Also consider one-time content purchases like the latest and greatest movies and sporting events on pay-per-view, or extended sports or cultural coverage with Vast's Sports Pak or Hispanic Pak.

TV screen shows Vast Broadband Sports Channel Package
Sports Channel Package

Get the best sports that Vast HDTV has to offer with the Vast Broadband Sports Pak. Channels include FOX College Sports, NFL Redzone, GolTV, and more.

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TV screen shows Vast Broadband Premium Movie Channel Package
Premium Movie Channel Package

Get premium movie channels to catch classic films, new releases, and the prestige dramas and comedies. This package includes channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and more.

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TV screen shows couple watching TV
Build Your Own Package

Want to mix and match your premium sports and movie channels? Only interested in the NFL, or HBO? Then chose which subscription channels you want, and Vast will help you build the package that best suits your needs.

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Watch TV and Movies Anywhere.

Get Expanded Basic or Digital Preferred channel packages with Vast Broadband TV and also get access to two exciting features. First, with Vast On Demand, you can catch new movie releases right in your home. Second, with Vast TV Everywhere, you can stream the latest and greatest TV shows from your favorite channels wherever you have Internet connection. This means that you can stream TV, free, to your computer or mobile devices no matter where you are. On vacation or a long trip? Take Vast Broadband HDTV with you to get the best streaming services wherever you go.

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