Vast Double Play Bundles in Tea, SD with 15 Mbps Internet and Unlimited Phone

Vast Broadband is now offering some seriously great savings in Tea, SD on HDTV, Phone, and high-speed Internet. But pick up two of these together in a service bundle to get even more savings on your monthly bill. Check out Vast's awesome package of digital Phone service plus broadband Internet. Call 844-647-6613 to see how unlimited calling and unlimited data can be yours today.

Check out the two-service bundle from Vast Broadband in Tea, SD that includes Internet and Phone. With broadband Internet (amazing bandwidth and unlimited data) and digital Phone (landline reliability and unlimited calling), you get some serious value without paying serious cash. Save big on your monthly bill here with Vast Broadband.

What does this package include?

Vast Broadband Internet Icon - 15 Mbps unlimited Internet
15 Mbps Internet
  • Vast 15 Mbps Internet
  • Browse the web and shop online
  • Unlimited Internet data
Vast Broadband Digital Phone icon - Vast unlimited Phone
Unlimited Phone
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • No long-term contracts
  • 10+ popular calling features included

First: Vast Broadband's pride and joy in Tea: Internet. With Vast high-speed Internet you get blazing-fast speeds ranging from 15 Mbps. That's enough bandwidth to download files, stream video, surf the web, shop online in your home. No wonder Vast Broadband is highly regarded in South Dakota: we give you the goods when it comes to Internet.

Leverage all the resources you can to get the most from your high-speed Internet in Tea. Keep your in-home Wi-Fi fast as your incoming bandwidth with Vast Broadband's Vortex Router. A perfect partner for Vast high-speed Internet in Tea, SD, the Vortex router brings 802.11ac technology for up to 3x faster wireless network speeds in Tea with your Vast Broadband high-speed Internet. If you pay for that Internet to support all your gaming and streaming, then you need the router in Tea to support it.

And if you are subscribing in Tea, SD then you need to also use the Vortex Router for its Dual Band technology. This technology allows you to manage that Tea wireless network to maximize your bandwidth and your high-speed Internet. Also sign up for Vast Broadband TechHome in Tea that keeps your home network safe and secure, and your data protected.

The second half of this two-service deal is Vast Broadband's Digital Phone service in Tea. You might already have cellular service, but when you live in Tea or even South Dakota you probably know about poor coverage and dropped calls. Vast Broadband Phone service in Tea solves that with dependable landline-like service with digital quality and unlimited calling throughout the United States and Canada.

Check out the additional perks you get with Vast Broadband Phone service in Tea. Along with amazing unlimited calling and digital service, subscribers in Tea, SD get full-featured service with 12+ calling features. Vast Broadband gives you all those features, including voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding (plus more), in Tea for the same flat fee.

Don't need both Internet and Phone service together? Consider using Phone to supplement your cell service in Tea or switching out your Internet for affordable Vast Broadband Internet to save money for great services from a great South Dakota company. And you even save more in Tea when you bundle into a two-service bundle. Get with Vast Broadband to save money on great service.

If you are still with us, then we assume you are intrigued by Vast Broadband's high-speed Internet and Phone two-service bundle in Tea. Get on board and sign up for broadband Internet and unlimited Phone in Tea and South Dakota by calling us at 844-647-6613 today and getting the installation process started. Our prompt and speedy operators are waiting to assist you and get your Tea home up and running with Vast Phone and Internet.

We've told you about the services offered by Vast Broadband, and we've told you how much you will save in Tea when you sign up. The only thing left is to do it. Get Vast's high-speed Internet and digital Phone service for unlimited data and unlimited calling throughout the country. Data and calling in Tea and South Dakota for you and your family. Call us: 844-647-6613. You will not regret it.