Vast Broadband, Now Serving Madison, South Dakota with Triple Play Deals Including Digital Preferred HDTV, 15 Mbps Internet, and Unlimited Phone

If you live in Madison and South Dakota and are looking to get new digital services, then check out Vast Broadband and its three-service bundle including HDTV, Internet, and digital Phone service. Sweeten this already awesome deal on Internet and digital Phone by adding our Digital Preferred HDTV package. This is a top-tier package for those who want to have it all. If you are one of those, then call us at 888-745-2888 and get started today.

Choose Vast Broadband in Madison and get a package with an extensive set of HDTV programming, along with reliable, solid streaming services. This HDTV service comes with high-speed Internet to support all your steaming, gaming, and downloading. Also, with Vast's digital Phone service, you'll receive the reliable service you need to stay in touch with friends, family and anyone else in South Dakota, or throughout the country.

What does this package include?

Vast Broadband TV icon - Vast Digital Preferred HDTV
Digital Preferred TV
  • Vast's most expansive HDTV package
  • Vast On Demand streaming movies
  • Optional DVR service
Vast Broadband Internet Icon - 15 Mbps unlimited Internet
15Mbps Internet
  • Vast 15Mbps Internet
  • No Contracts
  • Supports endless downloads and streaming.
Vast Broadband Digital Phone icon - Vast unlimited Phone
Unlimited Phone
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • No long-term contracts
  • 10+ popular calling features included

Choose Vast's Digital Preferred HDTV Package and you'll start your bundle off right. When choosing this package, you'll receive an amazing set of extensive HDTV channels that cover almost all your interests. With this package, you'll also have access to local news and sports in Madison.

Vast Broadband's Digital Preferred package gives you many broadband TV channel options. With this awesome deal you'll get everything under the Basic and Basic Expanded packages plus even more channels like Nat Geo Wild, CBS Sports, Teen Nick, and NHL Network. Also have instant access to Vast On Demand and Vast TV Everywhere where you can stream TV shows and movies.

For all your streaming needs, Vast On Demand is the solution. Vast On Demand offers the hottest movies plus all your classic favorite titles. All you need is an Internet connection and you can start streaming with Vast On Demand. Get Vast TV Everywhere in Madison and stream your favorite TV shows as well.

Don't forget Vast Broadband high-speed Internet. With speeds starting at 15 Mbps, you get the bandwidth you need to support emailing, surfing, shopping, and streaming online. Lag, buffering, and slowdown are a thing of the past in Madison and South Dakota. But there is even more.

You get unlimited data when you have Vast Broadband Internet. With unlimited data, you can endlessly stream, download, have access to gaming. That's all the video streaming, file downloading and online gaming that you desire. Vast Broadband's commitment to Madison and South Dakota includes unlimited Internet with no limitations and no caps.

The final component of Vast Broadband's three-service Digital Preferred bundle in Madison is Vast's digital Phone services. You will get crystal-clear Phone service with the reliability of a landline for one amazing price. With no hidden fees you can easily make Phone calls throughout South Dakota or throughout the nation. That's unlimited calling in the United States, Canada, and more!

All that includes your favorite calling features. Get 12+ calling features like call forwarding and blocking, caller ID, and three-way calling. You get all this, plus free voicemail. This is the best of everything. Never worry about dropped calls or poor reception again, no matter where you are in South Dakota.

Why wouldn't you want to call 888-745-2888 after reading this information? Expansive Digital Preferred HDTV, incredible digital Phone service, and super-fast broadband Internet, all at your fingertips. Make Vast Broadband your digital service provider and you'll get the services you're looking for without breaking the bank. You'll know that you are getting service from a local company with local values if you're a resident of Madison, SD. Call now to find out what plan works best for you in South Dakota.