Vast Double Play with Expanded Basic TV and 80 Mbps Internet, Now Available in Madison, SD

Check out Vast Broadband's offers on two-service bundles, now available in Madison and South Dakota. With Vast Broadband, Madison residents have access to some seriously great deals on HDTV service in Madison, unlimited digital Phone for calls in South Dakota and beyond, and high-speed Internet for their Madison homes to keep them connected.

One of the many benefits of choosing Vast Broadband for your Madison, South Dakota home, is the freedom to select only the services you truly want. With this particular package you're getting Vast's Expanded Basic HDTV, and with speeds up to 80 Mbps, you're definitely hooking your Madison, South Dakota home up with ultra-fast Internet.

What does this package include?

Vast Broadband TV icon - Vast Expanded Basic HDTV
Expanded Basic TV
  • 100+ national and local channels
  • Streaming TV to mobile devices
  • Many channels in high-definition
Vast Broadband Internet Icon - 80 Mbps unlimited Internet
Vast Internet 80 Mbps
  • Vast Broadband 80 Mbps downloads
  • Bandwidth for high-definition streaming video
  • Smooth high-resolution online gaming

The name says it all: Vast Broadband has expanded the channel options included with the Basic TV package offered in Madison, South Dakota. With most residents having more than 100 local and national channels, subscribers in Madison, South Dakota that snag this package get better viewing options than ever at an even better price.

If you want the best streaming services available in Madison, South Dakota for your Madison home, you want Vast Broadband. Vast has several options when it comes to streaming, so there's something for everyone in Madison, South Dakota. Whereas Vast TV Everywhere lets you stream the latest TV shows directly to your mobile device, Digital Gateway and On Demand lets you stream movies in high-resolution to your HDTV.

Vast Broadband understands that our subscribers in Madison, South Dakota are busy and that their time is invaluable, so we're overjoyed to offer DVR service in Madison, South Dakota. By giving you the power to record, pause, and replay your best-loved shows, DVR optimizes the HD services you already have.

Also sign up for the crown jewel of Vast Broadband offerings in Madison, SD: high-speed Internet. With Vast, subscribers throughout Madison and the state of South Dakota get great 80 Mbps Internet. With 80 Mbps you can support a truly online lifestyle by streaming HD videos in your Madison living room from your favorite service, play games online, and download content-all at the same time.

What good is having such impeccable, unlimited Internet if you don't have the data to support it? Yeah, that's what we thought, too. That's why Vast's Madison, South Dakota subscribers get unlimited data at no additional cost with their unlimited Internet.

Our cutting-edge Vortex Router was built to optimize the advanced serviced you're getting with your Madison, South Dakota Vast Broadband subscription. When you use the Vortex Router, your high-speed Internet gets even faster with 802.11ac Wi-Fi boosting your in-home network speed by up to 3x. In addition, Dual Band routing lets you control who and who your network is being used.

Now that you've got all the facts, consider the value that this two-service bundle will bring to your home in Madison. Even if you hadn't set out to pick up two digital services, this bundle is available in Madison and saves you more in the long-run than having one service alone.

The only thing standing between you and your new digital services is a Phone call to Vast Broadband in Madison, South Dakota. So, do yourself a favor and call our customer service representatives at 844-647-6613 today, and ask to have our professional installment team hook up your Madison home with service today!