Vast Double Play Deals in Deadwood, SD with Expanded Basic TV and Unlimited Phone

Vast Broadband is offering some amazing deals for the residents of Deadwood and South Dakota with digital offerings on high-def TV channels, high-speed Internet for streaming, and crystal-clear digital Phone service. These are really great services from a local South Dakota digital provider that keeps your house in data and entertainment. Right now, let's talk about a popular Vast Broadband package in the Deadwood area: high-definition TV and unlimited Phone service.

Vast Broadband is now putting together its awesome high-definition TV service with digital Phone in Deadwood so that residents of Deadwood can get the best of both at a better price than buying each service individually. Get HDTV with 100+ channels with unlimited Phone to support your already-existing Internet service in Deadwood. Call us now at 844-647-6613 to get started.

What does this package include?

Vast Broadband TV icon - Vast Expanded Basic HDTV
Expanded Basic TV
  • 100+ national and local channels
  • Streaming TV to mobile devices
  • Many channels in high-definition
Vast Broadband Digital Phone icon - Vast unlimited Phone
Unlimited Phone
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • No long-term contracts
  • 10+ popular calling features included

Take the first piece of this bundle: Vast Broadband's high-definition TV service in Deadwood, SD. With this service, subscribers in Deadwood get access to over 100 channels of sports, news, and weather, many in high-def resolution. Included with those national cable channels are all the local Deadwood channels that you know and love, many also in high-definition. Throw in some amazing premium channels that you can subscribe to and you start to get the picture for what amazing high-def deals Vast Broadband brings you in Deadwood.

Vast HDTV comes complete with multiple streaming services in Deadwood to give you the most well-rounded TV package around. Vast On Demand in Deadwood gives Vast subscribers in Deadwood access to the latest rentals and movies directly in their home. Vast TV Everywhere in Deadwood does the same, but with the hottest TV shows around. Stream video for these TV shows to all your mobile devices and take your TV with you, wherever you have an Internet connection.

Vast Broadband in Deadwood gives you what you need with HDTV and streaming service. It also gives subscribers in Deadwood access to DVR to record and replay all that great programming--regardless of whether it is live TV or classic movies.

Next up is Vast Broadband digital Phone service. Get unlimited calling in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and America Samoa. That's unlimited calling, no hidden fees, and no contracts. Just one low monthly bill for reliable Phone service with crystal clear reception and the dependability of a landline Phone service.

Check out Vast Broadband Phone service in Deadwood and see what more you get. On top of unlimited calling in and outside of Deadwood and the state of South Dakota you get amazing calling features like call waiting, simultaneous ringing, and call blocking. That's on top of free voicemail and caller ID! Get some amazing Phone service in Deadwood today.

With high-def TV and unlimited Phone, you've got an amazing deal. Call 844-647-6613 to realize that deal with Vast Broadband in Deadwood. Professionals will come to your Deadwood, SD home and get your Phone and HDTV services set up with quick and responsive services.

Now that you've hear the offer, and now you know exactly what you can get with this two-service bundle from Vast Broadband in Deadwood, let's get going. With great savings on HDTV and unlimited digital calling, you save more on your monthly bill than you would if subscribed to just Phone or TV. That means big savings for your Deadwood, SD home per month.

So let's stop the talk and get some action going. Call 844-647-6613 and get started with Vast Broadband's amazing high-definition TV and unlimited Phone service. Save big, get a stable monthly bill, and sign up with a local South Dakota company that has your success and comfort at heart.