Vast Broadband Serves Centerville, SD with Triple Play Deals, Including Digital Preferred TV, 125 Mbps Internet and Unlimited Phone

You could call 844-647-6613 and speak to a customer service representative in Centerville to get set up. Or check out what we offer Centerville on this page. Vast is South Dakota's answer for HDTV, unlimited Internet, and reliable digital Phone service.

Looking for top-tier digital services for your Centerville home? Need affordable prices? Then Vast is for you! Vast Broadband brings its Digital Preferred HDTV package to Centerville with unlimited Internet and Phone in a three-service bundle. Check out more information here or call 844-647-6613 to learn more.

What does this package include?

Vast Broadband TV icon - Vast Digital Preferred HDTV
Digital Preferred TV
  • Vast's most expansive HDTV package
  • Vast On Demand streaming movies
  • Optional DVR service
Vast Broadband Internet Icon - 125 Mbps unlimited Internet
125 Mbps Internet
  • Blazing-fast 125 Mbps downloads
  • Stream 4K video on multiple devices
  • Game, stream video, and download all at the same time
Vast Broadband Digital Phone icon - Vast unlimited Phone
Unlimited Phone
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • No long-term contracts
  • 10+ popular calling features included

First, check out Digital Preferred TV. With Digital Preferred subscribers in Centerville get hundreds of channels, many in HD. This includes local and regional Centerville and South Dakota programming, unlike satellite. Great high-definition means crystal-clear quality and an expansive selection of programming for your Centerville home.

In Centerville, SD Vast Broadband offers subscribers the best digital tools and entertainment. Stream movies and video in HD, TV shows and series, and record, replay, and pause your shows along with live events using Vast's DVR service. Between Vast On Demand, Vast TV Everywhere, and Vast DVR service, you'll never run out of entertainment.

With Vast 125 Mbps Internet in Centerville, SD, enjoy multi-device streaming and gaming in your Centerville home. That's the hottest HD and 4K video right in front of you. Vast gives you the bandwidth you need for super-fast speed and connection.

You'll need some serious data to support high-speed streaming in Centerville. With Vast Broadband unlimited Internet in Centerville, you get unlimited Internet data. You can give your family all the streaming and downloading they need in South Dakota. Play games, stream HD content, and more with Vast Internet in your Centerville home.

Check out this final piece of the bundle with Vast Broadband unlimited Internet in Centerville. When you make calls throughout the country, into Canada, or American territories like Guam or Puerto Rico from your Centerville home, you get a flat rate. That's unlimited calling from your Centerville home to the rest of the country.

If unlimited calling isn't enough in Centerville, SD, then check out the 12+ calling features available for subscribers in Centerville. Vast Broadband brings calling features to Centerville like caller ID, call blocking and waiting, free voicemail, and more. Don't compromise on quality, and get reliability on top of that for your Centerville home.

This is the best package Vast offers, and it offers your Centerville home even more savings. While Vast gives Centerville subscriber's great deals on Internet, Phone, and HDTV, bundling together in Centerville lowers those prices even more and simplifies your South Dakota bill.

Let's not wait any longer. Sign up for Vast Broadband Unlimited Phone, Digital Preferred HDTV, and 125 Mbps Internet by calling 844-647-6613 right now. Our operators are waiting to take your call and get professional Vast installers out to your Centerville home.