Vast Double Play Bundles in Black Hawk, SD with 15 Mbps Internet and Unlimited Phone

Amazing deals await you in Black Hawk when you pick up a Vast Broadband bundle. Two- and three-service bundles are here to save you big money on your monthly bill, much more than you would on individual services. For example, check out the Phone and Internet bundle, which provides blazing-fast and unlimited Internet to Black Hawk for prices that will know you socks off. Call us up at 844-647-6613 to learn more.

This bundle includes two services. One, Vast Broadband Internet in Black Hawk gives you lightning-quick Internet service and unlimited data. Two, Vast digital Phone gives you unlimited calling with modern calling features and flexible features. And they both give you great savings together to keep your monthly digital bill low in Black Hawk, SD.

What does this package include?

Vast Broadband Internet Icon - 15 Mbps unlimited Internet
15 Mbps Internet
  • Vast 15 Mbps Internet
  • Browse the web and shop online
  • Unlimited Internet data
Vast Broadband Digital Phone icon - Vast unlimited Phone
Unlimited Phone
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • No long-term contracts
  • 10+ popular calling features included

The first amazing offer from Vast Broadband in Black Hawk for this two-service bundle is Vast's broadband Internet. That's Internet with speeds at 15 Mbps that support downloading files, streaming video, surfing the web, shopping online in your Black Hawk, SD home. No slowdown and no buffering means you and your family can enjoy your home network without aggravation or disappointment.

But let's go further. With Vast Broadband Internet in Black Hawk, you can get the best of 15 Mbps Internet to support all your needs. If you want to stream live video, you can do that. Play online games? You can do that too. Vast Broadband high-speed Internet gives you Internet to surf, shop, and email in Black Hawk and enjoy your Internet data. To keep you in that Internet, also get the Vast Vortex Router with 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology for blazing-fast wireless speeds as well.

Along with that blazing-fast wireless technology, Vast in Black Hawk also gets you Dual Band, so all that streaming, downloading, and gaming doesn't interfere with your general network usage. Build that in with Vast's Security Suite called TechHome in Black Hawk, which keeps your home network safe and secure in Black Hawk.

Next up is Vast Digital Phone service. The basic fact of the matter is that while we all probably use cellular, we all know problems with dropped calls and poor coverage throughout South Dakota. With that in mind, Vast Broadband provides crystal-clear Phone service with the reliability of a landline. That's reliable AND unlimited Phone throughout Black Hawk, South Dakota, or throughout the United States and Canada.

And while you might be married to your cellular service, consider the reliability of Vast Phone in Black Hawk along with the calling features you need. Callers in Black Hawk and South Dakota will get it all with Vast Phone, including 12+ calling features like call waiting, call forwarding, and three-way calling. Throw in free voicemail and caller ID and it will be like you never left your cellular provider--until you notice the quality In Black Hawk.

Check out Vast Broadband's offerings for Internet and Phone in Black Hawk and see just how much you can save on high-speed Internet and digital Phone. What's more, you can save more on both when you bundle them together in Black Hawk and South Dakota. Get all these services and save more on a much simpler monthly bill for your Black Hawk utilities.

With two services--Vast Broadband high-speed Internet and digital Phone service--you'll get amazing digital services from a great digital service provider. Call us at 844-647-6613 to get started ordering your service and to start the ball rolling on your professional installation services. Why wait? With all this money to save and all these services to lock down, Vast Broadband is the provider with you.

You've seen what you can save with Vast Broadband in Black Hawk. Get the two-service bundle and get up to 125 Mbps of unlimited, high-speed Internet alongside crystal-clear Phone service that gives you great calling features and reliability that doesn't ever let you down no matter if you call in Black Hawk, South Dakota, or throughout the nation. That number again is 844-647-6613, so get started saving and surfing today!