Vast Broadband Triple Plays with Expanded Basic HDTV, 125 Mbps Internet and Unlimited Phone, Now Serving Rushmore, MN

If you want to experience our technicolor world in HD from the comfort of your Rushmore, MN home, the solution is black and white: Get HDTV, high-speed Internet, and unlimited Phone from Vast Broadband. Brighten up your day, your home, and your life with deals in Rushmore from Vast today.

Vast high-speed Internet, unlimited Phone, and HDTV programming gives Rushmore the freedom to stay connected to friends and family throughout Minnesota and beyond. Call 888-745-2888 or explore this page further and discover the savings that are possible when you bundle with Vast Broadband.

What does this package include?

Vast Broadband TV icon - Vast Expanded Basic HDTV
Expanded Basic TV
  • 100+ national and local channels
  • Streaming TV to mobile devices
  • Many channels in high-definition
Vast Broadband Internet Icon - 125 Mbps unlimited Internet
125 Mbps Internet
  • Blazing-fast 125 Mbps downloads
  • Stream 4K video on multiple devices
  • Game, stream video, and download all at the same time
Vast Broadband Digital Phone icon - Vast unlimited Phone
Unlimited Phone
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • No long-term contracts
  • 10+ popular calling features included

With Vast Broadband's new Expanded Basic HDTV package, your Rushmore, MN home gets an impeccable cable lineup at an even better price. Vast is now offering Rushmore more programming options, expanded to include family favorites like ESPN, Fox News, and much more. Get all these additional channels, many of which available in high-definition, without sacrificing your favorite local Minnesota networks.

Take advantage of the streaming offered with your Rushmore, Minnesota Vast Expanded Basic TV package when you upgrade to the Digital Gateway or Preferred package. With this upgrade, you'll get Vast's On Demand service, which allows you to stream directly into your Rushmore home. If you're traveling through Minnesota, Vast TV Everywhere lets you stream your can't-miss shows on any mobile device.

For all you Greys Anatomy, Walking Dead, and Sherlock fans in Rushmore, Minnesota, Vast Broadband is now offering DVR and streaming On Demand services that let you record and save those episodes you could watch over and over again. Vast gives Minnesota HDTV on (your) time, on your Rushmore couch, and On Demand.

Vast Broadband's high-speed Internet is perhaps at the heart of your Rushmore, Minnesota perfect home connection system. All the high-definition streaming and gaming you want to do, is powered best by Vast's ultra-fast Internet. Subscribers in Rushmore, MN can trust that at 125 Mbps, Vast's Internet will keep you online and connected.

Stop worrying that your family's high-data needs in your Rushmore, Minnesota home can't be met. Get unlimited data, and still have Vast's amazing Internet speeds at the absolute best value. Vast Broadband doesn't impose data caps for any of its subscribers in Minnesota, so you will never pay more for using more data, and you'll get the same excellent rate as your Rushmore neighbors.

No home connection system is truly complete without Phone service. But with Vast, your Phone service is more than an add-on. Vast's digital Phone comes with 12+ features designed with subscribers in Rushmore, Minnesota in mind. Add digital Phone and get unlimited calling in the United States and Canada, meaning regardless of terrible Rushmore, MN weather or terrible cell service, loved ones in Rushmore, Minnesota or elsewhere are never out of reach.

Although subscribers in Rushmore, Minnesota who bundle their Vast HDTV, Internet, and Phone services end up with more monthly savings per service, you can still select individual services and rest assured that you're getting the best value in Rushmore, Minnesota with Vast Broadband.

Now that you know you'll find the best deals on digital services for your Rushmore, Minnesota home at Vast Broadband, what are you waiting for? Our courteous customer service is patiently waiting to take your call, answer your questions, and set you up with service today! Give us a call at 888-745-2888 and get hooked up with game-changing HDTV, Internet, and digital Phone services from Vast in Rushmore, Minnesota.