Vast Double Play Bundles in Pipestone, MN with 15 Mbps Internet and Unlimited Phone

You are here for a reason, and that reason is big savings on digital services you need. Luckily, Vast Broadband has the answer to your search. Think about it: get digital services and save big, or put them together in a bundle and save EVEN BIGGER in Pipestone and Minnesota. Right now let's talk about Internet and Phone service. You get high-speed and unlimited Internet, unlimited calling, and big savings. So call 888-745-2888 now or read on.

Individual services have their value, but you probably need more than one, and that is where a Vast Broadband bundle in Pipestone steps in. Put together Vast's broadband Internet and crystal-clear digital voice to satisfy your digital needs in Minnesota and keep your costs down and confined to a single bill.

What does this package include?

Vast Broadband Internet Icon - 15 Mbps unlimited Internet
15 Mbps Internet
  • Vast 15 Mbps Internet
  • Browse the web and shop online
  • Unlimited Internet data
Vast Broadband Digital Phone icon - Vast unlimited Phone
Unlimited Phone
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • No long-term contracts
  • 10+ popular calling features included

Begin with Vast Broadband high-speed Internet, some of the fastest Internet in Minnesota. Subscribers in Pipestone have the opportunity to pick up 15 Mbps Internet for a song of a price. This includes more than enough bandwidth to stream video, play games online, or surf the web with friends and family. That is a great deal to keep your Pipestone home plugged in to the world.

But what's more, Vast gives you all the tools you need to really get the most of this Internet. With all that speed comes unlimited data. That's right: no data caps means all that streaming, gaming, and downloading, on all your devices, can go on as long as you do. And what is more, Vast provides some of the best technology in wireless Internet. With the Vast Vortex router, you get cutting-edge 802.11ac technology for the fastest in-home Wi-Fi to support all that blazing-fast Internet.

The Vortex Router also gives you Dual Band technology, which allows you to set-up your home network so that it stays up and running as speedily as it can in Pipestone. Couple that with the option Vast Security Software (available for a subscription fee) to keep your home network fast, healthy, and reliable.

With Internet, you get amazing Phone service. This two-service bundle, now available in Pipestone, provides you a Phone service that gives you the reliability of a landline and the clarity of Digital Phone service. And this reliability extends to its unlimited calling plan. Call anywhere in Pipestone, Minnesota, the United States, or Canada, and get that same service, that same monthly bill. That's no hidden fees in Pipestone to stop you up.

While you might hang on to your cellular service in Pipestone, don't do it just because you want to keep calling features, because Vast Broadband will include all those amazing calling features for subscribers to Vast Phone service in Pipestone. 12+ calling features include call blocking, forwarding, and waiting. That doesn't even include free voicemail and multiple Phone ringing, or 3-way services for group calls. Vast Phone gives you the calling and the features you want.

Consider the savings you get with the two-service bundle from Vast Broadband in Pipestone. Pick up both broadband Internet and digital Phone with Vast Broadband to get crystal-clear digital Phone and blazing-fast Internet for your Pipestone home and save even bigger because you have two services on the same monthly plan.

You get it all with Vast Broadband, no matter your service package in Pipestone. Pick up Vast's high-speed Internet and digital Phone services in Pipestone today to save money and get started with your professional installation process. You can get great digital services from a great local Minnesota digital service provider when you call 888-745-2888 when you get started today.

Check out what we have to offer in Pipestone. If you aren't convinced, call that number (888-745-2888) mentioned before and get some serious service in your Pipestone home. High-speed Internet, crystal-clear digital voice, and unlimited data and calling are all yours for the taking when you sign up with Vast Broadband right now in Pipestone.