Vast Broadband serves Double Play Deals in Luverne, MN with 80 Mbps Internet and Unlimited Phone

Living in Luverne, Minnesota just got a lot better with these amazing offers from Vast Broadband. At Vast, we're now offering services like high-definition TV, unlimited broadband Internet, and digital Phone to Luverne, Minnesota at some amazing rates. Read on and discover how Vast can save you money.

It's likely that a two-service option is the best value for your family in Luverne, Minnesota. When you bundle your family's high-speed 80 Mbps Internet with unlimited digital Phone calling, you save significantly more per month, per service than subscribers in Luverne, Minnesota that select individual services.

What does this package include?

Vast Broadband Internet Icon - 80 Mbps unlimited Internet
80 Mbps Vast Internet
  • Vast Broadband 80 Mbps downloads
  • Bandwidth for high-definition streaming video
  • Smooth high-resolution online gaming
Vast Broadband Digital Phone icon - Vast unlimited Phone
Unlimited Phone
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • No long-term contracts
  • 10+ popular calling features included

Everybody is in the market for the best high-speed Internet available these days, and Vast Broadband offers the best of the best to subscribers in Luverne, Minnesota. Support all the streaming, online gaming, and constant downloading going on in your Luverne, Minnesota home with Internet working hard at up to 80 Mbps.

Introducing unlimited data: the better half of better broadband in Luverne, Minnesota. Do all the streaming, gaming, and downloading you desire with unlimited data, and join Luverne, Minnesota subscribers who leverage their Internet connection with Vast.

You might be thinking that there's no way unlimited Internet can get much better than unlimited data, and you're mostly right, but there is one more thing. The Vortex router from Vast features 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Dual Band routing, speeding up your Luverne, Minnesota home network by up to three times.

With Unlimited Phone being included in this amazing Vast Broadband two-service bundle, the homebodies in Luverne, Minnesota never have to leave home to get connected to just about everyone. This service lets subscribers in Luverne call from Minnesota to anywhere in the US and any other US territory, for one fixed rate.

Despite our love for unlimited here at Vast Broadband, we know it's not all about quantity. That's why we offer Luverne, Minnesota subscribers only the highest quality digital Phone service with the latest features like call waiting, voicemail, caller ID and much more.

In addition to unlimited, high-quality, digital Phone calls you can make to family and friends, home Phone service with Vast is also the most accurate way to connect to Luverne, Minnesota's emergency responders. That means in the case of an emergency, your Vast Broadband Phone service is a sure-fire connection you can depend on.

Now you've got all the information, and you know that keeping your Vast Broadband Internet and Phone services bundle is the best value for your Luverne, Minnesota home. So, there is absolutely nothing left to do but plan out all the things you can do in Luverne with these incredible monthly savings, from Vast.

If you're a resident of Luverne, Minnesota and in need of the best Phone and high-speed Internet around, then call Vast Broadband at 888-745-2888, and take advantage of this bundle today! Our customer service and installation team are eager to take your call, answer any questions, and book your appointment.