Vast Double Play Bundles in Edgerton, MN with Digital Preferred TV and 125 Mbps Internet

Vast Broadband has so many incredible two-service bundling options available for residents in Edgerton, Minnesota. If you're looking for the best deal on high-speed Internet, HDTV, or Phone for your Edgerton, Minnesota, consider one of these money-saving options.

This two-service bundle, featuring Digital Preferred HDTV and 125 Mbps Internet service, is a great option for subscribers in Edgerton, Minnesota. If you're looking for HDTV and high-speed Internet at the best value for your Edgerton, Minnesota home, consider this entertainment package available from Vast Broadband and get everything you need with the convenience of having only one monthly bill.

What does this package include?

Vast Broadband TV icon - Vast Digital Preferred HDTV
Digital Preferred TV
  • Vast's most expansive HDTV package
  • Vast On Demand streaming movies
  • Optional DVR service
Vast Broadband Internet Icon - 125 Mbps unlimited Internet
Vast 125 Mbps Internet
  • Blazing-fast 125 Mbps downloads
  • Stream 4K video on multiple devices
  • Game, stream video, and download all at the same time

The best thing you can do for your Edgerton, Minnesota home is upgrade its Expanded Basic HDTV package to Digital Preferred. And now that it's being offered in Edgerton, Minnesota in this money-saving bundle, there's no reason you have to keep missing out on the channels like HGTV and Encore you've been wishing you had.

With all the channels options you'll get with Digital Preferred in Edgerton, Minnesota, never worry about missing your new favorites with streaming options included. Even if you're away from our Edgerton, Minnesota home, you won't miss an episode with Vast TV Everywhere, which lets you stream to any mobile device. On Demand lets you stream the latest movies in HD, and more than 40 music channels when you finally do get home.

Because we want your home in Edgerton, Minnesota to have the absolute best entertainment experience, Vast Broadband offers subscribers in Edgerton, Minnesota a super convenient DVR service. With the power to save, record, and replay HDTV shows and movies, Vast DVR works with your busy schedule.

You've got a lot to get done in Edgerton, Minnesota. Whether you're streaming 4K videos in HD, high-resolution games, or downloading large files, get it done faster with Vast's 125 Mbps Internet in Edgerton, Minnesota. Never fear a lag, a loading screen, or lost connection with Vast Broadband's high-speed Internet.

Never worry about running out of time, or running out of data when Vast Broadband is your high-speed Internet service provider in Edgerton, Minnesota. We know that unlimited data helps you make the most of our unlimited Internet, so that's exactly what we want you to have.

With Vast Broadband's game-changing Internet speeds, you'll want to consider utilizing the technology we built to support it. The Vast Broadband Vortex Router optimizes your high-speed Internet and home network by using 802.11ac and Dual Band routing, which means your network could run three times as fast as it is right now.

It's okay that you planned on getting only one service from Vast Broadband in Edgerton, Minnesota. But now that you've learned all the ways you save in Edgerton, Minnesota when you bundle Digital Preferred TV and 125 Mbps Internet, you can feel good about setting up two services rather than just one.

You can save yourself an appointment time when you call Vast's customer service representatives today at 844-647-6613. More still, you can save yourself the trouble of difficult installation with our professional installation team, now servicing Edgerton, Minnesota.