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Vast Broadband Internet is the answer to all your streaming and data needs. With Vast Broadband Internet, you get blazing-fast download speeds to cover all your streaming and gaming needs. Vast is Fast, and supports its customers with speeds up to 200 Mbps.

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Blazing-fast Internet

Up to 200 Mbps of downloading bandwidth.

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Pain-Free Online Gaming

Enjoy online gaming with no lag or slowdown at a crucial moment.

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No Contract

No data caps and no limits on the streaming and downloading you can do.

Fastest Residential Internet.

Vast is fast, and to prove it Vast Broadband offers up to 200 Mbps of download speeds. This blazing-fast Internet is geared for those of us who are addicted to streaming video and online gaming. With Vast Broadband, this kind of high-speed Internet is at your fingertips.

Vast Broadband
Internet 80
  • Up to 80 Mbps downloads and 10 Mbps uploads
  • Stream high-definition video and games
  • Get up to 5 free Vast email accounts
  • Advanced Vortex Router technology
Vast Broadband
Internet 125
  • Up to 125 Mbps downloads and 10 Mbps uploads
  • Stream HD content to multiple devices simultaneously
  • Virtually lag-free online gaming
  • Unlimited data
Vast Broadband
Internet 200
  • Up to 200 Mbps downloads and 20 Mbps uploads
  • Stream 4K video and games
  • Host a VPN or business network
  • No contracts

Vast High-Speed Internet

Approach Internet in a whole new way by thinking about how you best make your home network as fast and stable as possible. Vast Broadband gives you the tools to do this with lightning-fast high-speed Internet and the Vast Vortex router. This means that you get all the speed you need for streaming, live TV, online gaming, and downloading. And the fun never has to stop, because Vast Broadband provides unlimited data for its high-speed Internet service. That's right: unlimited data to view, listen, play, and shop as long as you want, on your terms and on your schedule.

Advanced Wireless Technology

Bring Vast Broadband's amazing high-speed Internet into your home with the best technology available. Your Internet speed only matters if you have a fast router, and the Vast Vortex router provides just that. The Vortex router uses 802.11ac technology to deliver up to 3x faster Wi-Fi speeds throughout your home. This means you can take advantage of all that high-speed bandwidth on your home network. And speaking of home network, the Vortex router also comes with Dual Band technology that allows you to run multiple home networks to provide additional privacy, security, and organization to your home devices. Vortex routers come free, with free installation, when you sign up for Vast broadband Internet and rent a Vast modem as part of your package.

Blazing Fast Speeds and Secure Network

Vast is fast, and with Vast Broadband Internet you will know why. Basic Internet packages start at 15Mbps—perfect for web browsing, emails, and streaming to a single device. But for those serious Internet users, get access to the possibilities of 80 Mbps, 125 Mbps, or even 200 Mbps bandwidth speeds (dependent on location and availability). This gives your network amazing speeds, enough to stream video, play online games, or listen to live music on multiple devices throughout your home at the same time. Consider lag or buffering video feeds a thing of the past with Vast Broadband high-speed Internet. Also consider Vast Broadband's option security subscription TechHome. TechHome provides up-to-date antivirus and web security software, up to 50 GB of cloud storage for data backups, a password protector, and more.

Vortex – Get Incredible Speed to Every Device.

Don't let an old router keep you from enjoying your full Vast Internet speeds. If your Wi-Fi speed is slower than your incoming Internet, you might experience slow connections, especially if you have multiple devices connected. The Vortex Router from Vast eliminates bandwidth congestion, letting you enjoy every bit of your bandwidth to every Wi-Fi-enabled device.

Modern Technology

Vast Broadband gives customers access to the Vortex Router. With this Router, customers with high-speed Internet can bring all that data into their home safely and securely.

802.11ac Wi-Fi Technology

802.11ac provides in-home wireless speeds that are up to 3x faster than traditional wireless routers. All the better to make use of Vast's blazing-fast Internet.

Dual Band

Dual Band routing lets you monitor and control access to you home wireless network, and use multiple networks to protect your data and data efficiency.

Some More Reasons To Choose Vast.

Vast Broadband Internet is your data and bandwidth solution. With the Vortex Router and speeds up to 200 Mbps, you can't go wrong. Or try bundling Internet with Vast HDTV or Vast Phone to save even more money. In any case, Vast Broadband Internet is an amazing service that doesn't place limits on your Internet. In fact, with Vast you can, Stream live and recorded video straight from the Internet, Stream movies and TV with Vast On Demand and Vast TV anywhere, Listen to streaming music or play high-definition, online games, Watch, listen, and play with unlimited restrictions on data.
Make sure that your Wi-Fi speeds match your incoming Internet speeds with the Vortex Router, 802.11ac wireless technology, and Dual band broadcasting capabilities. Vast Broadband is an Internet service provider that guarantees that you will get the most out of your Internet service. All this, and no required contract. Check out the deals in your area and make the switch today.

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Unlimited Data

Unlimited Internet data supports endless downloads and streaming.

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Advanced Routing Technology

The Vortex Router keeps your home wireless network running smoothly and quickly without hassle on your part.

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High-Definition Streaming

Vast Broadband gives you the speed and data to stream HD videos, movies, and TV shows anywhere in your home.

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