Bundle Vast HDTV with High-Speed Internet or Unlimited Phone and Save Money on Two Great Services

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Bundle Two Services and Save Today.

Why two services in one great package? Because you get the best from those services while saving a pretty penny. For the cost of Vast HDTV as a single service, you can include Vast high-speed Internet for the same price or less. You can also get other services, like Vast Digital Phone, for a much better deal. For example, Digital Phone service costs only $5 more when bundled with Vast 15 Mbps Internet. Not to mention, you get the most out of Vast Broadband with multiple services, whether you are streaming TV on the Internet or using Internet and Phone to stay connected with family or work from home. It's obvious that when you bundle Vast HDTV, Vast high-speed Internet, and Vast Digital Phone, you save big.

Expanded Basic TV
+ Vast 80
  • Vast Expanded Basic and local channels
  • 80 Mbps download speeds
  • Unlimited domestic calling
  • Makes online gaming pain-free
Digital Preferred TV
+ Vast 80
  • Local, Expanded Basic, and Digital Preferred channels
  • Vast On Demand streaming movies
  • 80 Mbps download speeds
  • Popular calling features included
Expanded Basic TV +
Vast 125
  • Local and national HDTV channels
  • Blazing-fast 125 Mbps download speeds
  • Bandwidth for high-resolution online gaming
  • Stream TV through Vast TV Anywhere

More HD TV Channels

Vast HDTV gives subscribers amazing programming lineups with hundreds of channels in standard and high-definition resolution. With each HDTV package, get an increasing variety of channels that cover the best of 24-hour news, sports, movies, music, reality TV, and network programming. And never give up your local channels: keep your local stations with all the HD programming that Vast offers.

Fastest Wi-Fi Availible

Vast Internet provides up to 200 Mbps of download speeds. To take full advantage of that, get Vast Wireless routers with 802.11ac technology. 802.11ac gives you at-home Wi-Fi speeds 3x faster than traditional residential Wi-Fi. That means even faster downloads, easier video streaming, and smoother online gaming for your entire family.

12+ Highly Requested Calling Features

Vast Digital Phone not only provides unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada, but offers all the great calling features you expect from your phone service. Vast Voice features 12+ calling features, including caller ID, free voicemail, call forwarding, 3-way calling, and many more. All this with the reliability of digital landline service and crystal-clear reception.

Bundle Two Services and Save Today.

Get the most out of high-speed communication with TV, Internet, and Phone bundles from Vast Broadband. With Vast HDTV, you can choose the package that best suits your viewing needs. Access popular channels like ESPN, Comedy Central and the Food Network (along with a vast selection of HDTV channels) without giving up your local networks. That's the best in local and national news, sports, and entertainment. Utilize Vast Broadband's On Demand to stream the latest movies, or Vast TV Everywhere for 70 channels of streaming TV. And that's not to mention pay-per-view, premium content like HBO and Showtime, over 40 music streaming channels, and premium channel packages like the Sports Pak and Hispanic Pak. And to truly enjoy all this content, you'll need the up-to 200 Mbps download speeds provided by Vast Broadband high-speed Internet. Get the best in streaming video and online gaming with the speed you need and the data to match. That's right: unlimited data. Check out availability in your area and start saving today.

Or, if pure connectivity is your need, bundle Vast Broadband high-speed Internet with Vast's Digital Phone service. Get the best of local and national HDTV with crystal-clear digital phone service that gives you the best of a residential landline service without sacrificing the functions that you have come to know and love. Vast Phone comes with popular calling features such as caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking, and three-way calling, all standard. With Vast high-speed Internet, you can stay in touch with friends in family through reliable phone service or through instant and blazing-fast access to social media, video calling, and email.

Finally, if you just need the connectivity of reliable Vast Digital Phone services with the entertainment value of a Vast HDTV package, then bundle Vast TV and Phone into a complete service. Talk about your favorite shows as you watch them without worrying about dropped calls or poor reception. Know that the reliability of a landline service also includes accurate 911 tracing for emergency services in times of need. And get the best of HDTV with an expansive high-definition channel lineup that includes your favorite sports channels and TV networks.

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